December 2016

Staff Favorites:

Brebirousse d’Argental, Logan’s Pick About – This soft and gooey delight is made from whole sheep’s milk. The quality milk in fresh form has a wonderful silky texture and more complex flavors than similar cow’s milk cheeses. Along with the buttery richness, there are more savory notes lying just below the annatto tinged orange rind, as the cream line moves, the flavors of this cheese intensifies and when it starts to ooze out on to your cheese board, it’s ready to enjoy. Brebirousse is produced in Lyon, France, and although young sheep’s milk cheeses are not so common in the US this one will make you wonder why not. Pairing Notes – My first thought is to match up the buttery flavors with something sweet like deliciousness fruit jam and then pair with bubbles, but this cheese could equally be served with some salty Jambon and served with a hearty red. The sweetness pulls out toasty malt notes in dark beers, ie. porters, as well.

Wrangeback, Duane’s Pick About – Wrångebäck (wrong-bach) is a raw cow’s milk farmstead cheese, produced and aged 14 months at Almnäs Bruk in central Sweden. Upon first bite its flavor is both familiar and unusual, combining elements of cooked curd Alpine cheeses with higher-acid lowland cheeses like cheddar. This is the only cheese from Sweden in our shop, we love the rich cave aged alpine flavors combined with the sharp cheddar bite. Pairing Notes – Wrangeback makes a great table cheese served with dry salami, such as Cervelat. One of our favorite beverage pairings is with a hoppy ale that has some malt character. It also pairs well with Alsatian wines like riesling or a cold weather Pino.

Camembert Fermier, Veronica’s Pick About – Camembert was first created by Marie Harel in Normandy, France in 1791. Ours is produced by Fermier de Jouvence (Farm of Rejuvenation). It is one of the only true farmstead camemberts in the US, and we think, the very best! Produced from a single herd of 150 cattle that live on the farm right by where the cheese is made. The full cream milk used in this cheese gives it a rich velvety texture, and as it ages the cheese gains the earthy mushroomy flavors it is famous for. Pairing notes – Our favorite way to enjoy Camembert is to warm it just a little bit in the oven and then enjoying it by spreading it on a crusty Denver Bread Company Boule with a big bottle of red, such as Rhone Syrah.

Monte Enebro, Jon’s Pick About – This extraordinary soft-ripened goat’s milk cheese is aged 30-45 days in the Sierra del Gredos mountains of Avila, near Madrid, the unique process combines some penicillium roquefort mold with the ash in the coating. The result is flavor like no other cheese we have tried. We often refer to it as mysterious because the flavor is hard to peg, but it is so delightful. The cheesemaker, Paloma, took over the operation from her father Rafael, who began this as a labor of love. Lactic towards the center, the paste becomes more intense and piquant towards the rind, not unlike a blue. Monte Enebro truly is a special cheese! Pairing Notes – This cheese doesn’t really need anything, but I recently discovered that it’s spectacular with Blueberry gin Deliciousness and a rustic Spanish red, such as a Tempranillo.

Bonus! Miss Marjorie’s Plantain Chips Veronica discovered these delicious treats on a recent trip to Seattle, and we recently became the first store in Colorado to carry them. Since this month’s theme is our favorites, we wanted to share this new favorite with all of our cheese club members.

For those of you with the Charcuterie Option Olympia Provisions Pork Rillette About – Since trying pork rillette on a trip to France, I’ve always been a fan. For years I made my own version about once a year to serve around the holidays. When I tried Olympia Provisions’ rillette for the first time, it was the closest I’ve found to my own concoction. Pairing Notes – Serve at room temperature or even a little warmed up with bread or crackers as a vessel and with cornichons and mustard along side.

Posted on December 21st, 2016 by Jon Marsh